Thursday, October 15, 2020

Hello There!

 Hi, friends! It's been months since my last post. I hope everyone is holding up well through these challenging circumstances. Times are really tough what with the entire world at a standstill. I could make do with a few days off from work, but life goes on and responsibilities don't stop even with our current situation.

I pray for the world and all mankind, that we may rise above the challenges of the global pandemic. I pray for all our leaders that they may be given the wisdom, grace, and strength to fulfill their commitment to their country and its people. I pray for those critically ill and fighting for their lives, that they may be given comfort and divine healing. I pray that we may never lose hope, that we will always believe in a brighter and better tomorrow.

Let's take good care of ourselves and show compassion and kindness to everyone we meet.

Stay home when we can! :)

Love and light,


Sunday, May 17, 2020


Jan and I are heavily invested in our daily walks, incorporating at least 1.5 hours a day (and maximum of 3-5 hours). We are not as dedicated to home exercises as we are to walking. We can go for hours outside, just talking and breathing in the beautiful play of colors that only nature can provide. Walking is healthy, both to the body and soul. It has many proven benefits, and one of them, for me personally, is getting to know my partner more. When we walk, we also talk just about anything. We discuss our future goals and how far along we’ve come. We appreciate the moment and the opportunity to even do walking, as many have not been given another chance at life. We breathe fresh air, hear the chirping of the birds, see colorful plants and flowers, and marvel at the beauty and grandiose of most houses we pass by. I live for the the days we can do walking.


a spot made just for us ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Missing You

Yesterday, I felt a little extra sad and heavy, like everything around me was painted in gray. It was the first Mother’s Day that I was celebrating without my Mom. I could not even write her a love letter, nor call her up. I look around me and every little thing reminded me of her. The gentle swaying of the branches outside as the winds hit them brought back memories of my childhood spent at our beach house with my mother still around. Jan and I took a walk around our neighborhood, and I tried so hard to shake off the melancholy. I felt the world was a bit unfair because I have so much love to give to my mother, but she’s gone too soon, too young.
It supposedly gets easier with each passing day, but as I write this, I allow myself to wallow in my grief, pain, and sadness. I hope my tears could reach heaven and she’ll be reminded that she’s never forgotten—not yesterday and most certainly not tomorrow. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Good Morning

April 23, 9 AM

Today, I woke up feeling extra thankful for a good night's rest. There were many reasons to be grateful--for my husband sleeping so soundly beside me in a cold quiet morning and a beautiful dream of my mother last night, these amongst many others. I went out of the room, lit a candle and said a prayer of gratitude, and slowly started to plan today's activities. Of course, I began my day with a hot cup of coffee with chocolate milk. I chopped the ingredients for my egg omelette. I cooked our breakfast while occasionally staring blankly at the kitchen walls. 
I hope that as the day progresses, whether it gets productive or not, I will learn to pause and appreciate the moment for what it is--present and fleeting.
I wish you all a happy, peaceful morning, wherever in the world you may be. :) 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Fun Fun Fun

Few months before our Catholic wedding, we had some fun photo shoot. This was actually made possible with the kindness of both our professional and amateur photographers, who were also our friends. Nothing fancy, just our goofy awkward selves forced to smile and make faces in front of the camera. 
when all the food now weighs :p
Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Our 2018 Fall Civil Wedding

A month into our wedding, my then-fiancé and I decided to have a civil ceremony right here in Montreal, Quebec. It was a decision we made last minute as it would not only make things easier and the process faster for when we will hold our Catholic wedding in the Philippines, but also for some of our friends who will not be able to attend said event. The ceremony took less than an hour, but it was private with only our close friends and the judge. We said our vows and some *ugly* tears were shed. Shortly thereafter, we had a lunch reception in our favorite Chinese restaurant, Kam Shing, in Chinatown Montreal. We also had a fun pictorial courtesy of our photographer friends.
I always look back with sheer fondness. It was definitely memorable and heartfelt. 
having a quick pictorial before the ceremony started and without our guests around
we were already emotional even before the ceremony